Who I am

A public speaker. A sharer of good news with all sorts of people. In my spare time - a business enthusiast, musician and cook. When businesses experience massive success, we share those experiences with others who want to do the same. We help bridge gaps so that you can succeed and skip years of hard-knocks in the process.


Stuff I do

Deliver practical solutions that are time-tested and proven. Keep things simple. Strive to delight others. Share what we've learned on elevating experiences.

  • what's the story?

  • does a fourth-grader get it?

  • don't overthink it

  • have great people around you


One more thing

We helped one local business do a few things a little better than before - this increased sales - then it led to them increasing revenue from $2M to over $4M in less than a year. We don't like to brag, but we know how to help companies do remarkable things with the strengths and talents they already have.